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HYFLOW SUPER CELL Hyflo Supercell is used as a filtration agent, a functional filler in paints, plastics, paper, rubber, adhesives, catalysts, agricultural chemicals, pharmaceuticals and other chemicals, and a mild abrasive in polishes and cleaners. It is also used in clarifying liquids and oils, as an efficient thermal insulator; in manufacture of heat insulators, fire brick, and fire- and acid-proof packing materials; as an absorbent; in absorbent dynamite; as a solid carrier in chromatography; pozzolanic admixture in concrete mixes. We are the leading Supplier Of Hyflow Supercell In Gujarat #hyflow-supercell-supplier-in-Dubai# #Hyflow-Supercell-Supplier-In-Hyderabad-Ajmer-Rajasthan-Jaipur#
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