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Diatomaceous earth filter aid dicalite/celatom usa is the most popular american brand of 'filter aid powder'. It is so very popular that all consumers who wish to buy filter aid will give inquiry as “diatomaceous earth filter aid dicalite/celatom” filter aid powder being imported by us is of following brands :- Fitter aid celatom fw-14 mfg by eagle pitcher usa Filter aid ? ? ? Dicalite- speed plus? ? ? Mfg by dicalite usa. Filter aid powder is an inert material, chief constituent being silica (sio2). Which has “in-built” porosity. When a liquid is added to the same, it forms a bulky porous cake which trap the impurities (solids) even of micron size. Mainly used where filtered and pure liquid is the end product. Uses: • In breweries and industry. • In soft drink & juice industry • Oil refinery • In enzyme & yeast mfg • In & bulk drug ind. • In pharmaceutical ind • In dyes- intermediate & chemical industry